Single Channel Video, 2021, 14 min

Cremeschnitte is a video essay exploring the dialectical relationship between language, culture and geopolitics, how language is constructed and restructured by culture, as well as how cultural heritage transcends the border and constraints within ethnic or social groups, meanwhile questioning how borderline is drew on map where there’s no physical dividing line.

By introducing Cremeschnitte as a metaphor connecting different countries of different backgrounds and becoming a survivor of the turbulent history, the narrative blurs the boundary between fiction and nonfiction.

The video not only concerns with the language being a communication system, but also discusses how language, being part of our cognition derived from perception of the world, addresses ones relationship with this outer world. Cremeschnitte is untranslatable in English because it doesn’t exist in English speaking countries. The appropriation of found footage reverberates the fact that Cremeschnitte is a foreign and unfamiliar thing despite of the familiarity of its appearance since audience are able to recognize all its ingredients yet in a different cultural context. The low resolution footages render a certain timeless quality to the video.

This short film is an official selection by Oxford Film Festival 2022, Venice International Film Festival 2021, Contemporary Art Festival Videopark 2021, Best Experimental Film at Kiez Film Festival 2023 and a honorable mention by Video Art and Experimental.

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